Traditional Thread Winder Miniature


The traditional seed remover miniature which movable like real, could be a lovely souvenir or collectible item for textile or wood craft collectors and a good educational toy for new generation to study a former textile process.


  • Teak wood
  • Movable like a real one
  • Size 4x4 inches
  • Craftman: Lung Peng
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This traditional thread winder in miniature edition, with all moving part just like the original thread winder, makes a perfect souvenir, and is a lovely collectible item for textile or wood craft collectors and lovers. It also is a real good educational toy and example for future generation to study and learn about former textile crafts.


“Quang” or “Kwuang” is the northern language for this textile tool “Thread winder” used to collect the threads in the spinner into the weaving reel to prepare it for hand-weaving process.


Craftsman: Uncle Peng, the native villager in Ban Tan district in Chiang Mai province, Thailand


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