ChiangmaiCotton was established by a small group of 3-4 friends, who all shared the love for Cottons and handicrafts. We first pursued our dream at a stand on the side walk of the Rachadamnoen Road on the Sunday Walking Street.


Who We Are

When we were on Sunday market We often got a question from customers. “Why you are different from other merchant in the market?” A lot of customers drop by not only to buy our clothes or stuffs but to talk. It was so fun at that time. We had just started. We were not really knew how to sale but only enthusiastic to share the ideas and information because every piece of clothes has its own story. Sharing the story and experience of lives is a daily lesson.

Yes, the quality is the first issue. We aim good quality and we care about your health and comfort. Therefore our selection is start from the cotton yarn to the fabric finishing process. We avoid short fiber cotton that may build up your allergic and pilling effect on fabric.

The second is No Hazardous Chemical use in dying process. Moreover Environmental Friendly is always in our concerned, the waste water always treated before drain out to environment. Only clean technologies supplier were selected. These are the truth beyond the design and pattern.

Our designs have never run after fashion but come out from inspiration, utilities and comfort. Then the pattern and tailor them neatly to get good quality of clothes.

Moreover we admire handmade craft and craft them individually on most of our clothes. Handmade is a slow process but always bring the feeling of peace fullness of life. We are so proud of our skilled craftsman and thankful for attempt to made very good works for us.

Working From Home

We are not a factory. Our skilled tailor and craftsmen are working at home. They can enjoy working in the place that they feeling good. Spend part of their time to take care their family. In harvest season they may stop working for us and go out to help her husband or neighbor in the farm or rice field. We do not want change their nature, but always prepare for harvest season.

Quality Control

Every piece of works will be determined the size according to their specification and tolerance. If there are any out of specification or damage that will be marked as imperfection and keep separate.

Time to Export

I remember how exciting when our designs was selected and do the first exported to Australia and more happy that we keep in touch till now. We also exported to London, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

Our Story

chiangmai cotton


We launched several new categories in our store, related to our daily living; such as household essentials, natural skincare, organic edibles, home decor, and craft items. These new products range from how we live, and what we wear to what we eat. We carefully spend our time searching for the perfect and healthy products for each of these activities, starting from when we get up until we go to sleep.

Of course, we will never leave our beliefs and our primary concept to live with, and care for Mother nature and sustainable living.

We proudly present the craft products we designed and/or selected from local artisans like handwoven blankets, rugs, scarves, wood carving, and much more.

Whilst supporting the local artisans and representing their amazing legacy on our shelves, we also keep trying in all ways to help them maintain this rare and beautiful heritage and pass their skills and pride, and craftsmanship from generation to generation.

This of course also includes our own organic farm, which is producing a safe, chemical-free, natural and selected source of materials and edible products.

Breeze of Nature


From a little seed we growing and formed ourself as company limited named "Breeze of Nature" consistent with our slogan "inspired by nature". We offer natural eco friendly fabric that gives you more confident of wearing our non-allergenic clothes and comfortable for every moments.

Peace of Mind


We was inspired by natural fabric and cannot be limited only cotton. So the second brand was launched to open wide our inspiration with natural comfort, relax and joyful. Like a tree, its branches grow. The second House brand was opened on Nimmahaemin Road under the name “Peace of mind”

chiangmai cotton


After 7 months of hard working, we grew from a two-meters wide street stall to a lovely permanent house brand name “ChiangmaiCotton” located in heart of Chiang Mai City on Rachadamnoen Road. We combine natural accessories, handcrafting like crochet, little stitches and more on our products with love and care.

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ChiangmaiCotton has established in 2003 by a small group of 3-4 friends, who all shared the love for Cottons and handicrafts. We first pursued our dream at a stand on the side walk of the Rachadamneon Road on the Sunday Walking Street.