We opened our shop on ... yes on a Friday the 13th, back in February 2004!
Really everybody objected !
Oh no! Don't !

Not only foreigners but even Thais that don't have same superstitious ideas about the No.13 in general, and even more on Friday the 13th !

We didn't really have the intention to challenge superstition, or the general opinion or feeling about the number 13 at all. We just happen to finally be ready with all preparations and everything at that very day, and we couldn't wait to show off our work. So, we opened and started !
And now, another 13: we turn 13 this year!
13 years of Chiang Mai Cotton:

In the last 13 years, besides and far above the immense amount of clothes in the shop, samples and stock in boxes filing up even higher than myself, the most beautiful experiences are the many great stories and memories from our visitors and clients who came once, and keep coming back to our shop over and over again, until and with today!

The most meaningful, sentimental and emotional experiences to me is that we can be a part of their memories, and the amazing bond and relationship between brothers , sisters , parents, lovers and travelers clothes can create!

Siblings comes to fit their clothes and select for and with each other. Friends helping each other choose the one dress that looks perfect on their friend. The loving son coming by the shop to buy a shirt for his mom.

The mom stopping by for a dress for her daughter who is living far away. The grandmother who walked in to buy some clothes for her grandchildren. Often also mothers and kids come together to choose what they want, and also bought clothing back for other sisters, brothers and family members, and later even coming back to buy something for the father of the Family. But, one story out of all these amazing stories touched me deeply and impressed me very much; and it will be in my memory for a long time, also because it happened just recently:

Last month, a couple came in to the shop and stopped at the row of discounted corner and discussing. When we checked if they need help or if they just wanted to look around more; he replied that they were looking at the very same dress his girlfriend wore on the day they first met.

We were as pleasantly stunned as proud to be a part of their sweet memories and this also made us realize even more that the care about quality and designs, have to be continued and we must always keep trying to realize we create masterpieces to customer's hands which may become a valuable piece of their memories.

We would never have achieved this success without our embroidery staff, our knitting staff, all our craftsmen and all our tailors who share same dream we have: to make perfect and fine work and keep on improving to reach a better quality. All the above, who made us to what we are now, never even thought of leaving the team to go and do mass factory work, or mass produce for the bigger commercial markets.

So Many Thanks to all our staff in the shop as well, who are always friendly, helpful and cooperative, no matter good or bad times.
We experienced, and we learned together.

Also a huge Thanks for the advice, feedback and support from our clients and our friends who always encouraged and inspired us to move along the way we were, and are growing.

We will keep walking and growing all together!
And we will keep improving, promise!





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