Timeless and comfortable designs for your wellness, balance and at the same time eco-friendly for our environment.

More than just beautiful is the comfort. The comfort of cotton is the breathable fabric and absorbing and releasing moisture to dry out pretty quick. 

The comfort of our clothing starts with the yarn we select, combed cotton, no short chain fiber means less dust so… less allergy for sensitive persons. It find and soft like a touch of nature on your skin.

white cotton topcotton kid dress

The next beauty of our cloth is it all being Eco-friendly dyed. The dye will not run off and also does not contain any harmful chemicals which may irritate sensitive skin and could destroy our natural surroundings.

The total of beautiful and comfortable fashion also comes from good designs and good, skilled tailoring. We always have and always will be doing our utmost for over 18 years now to make your clothing suitable for everyday use. We offer a large variety of designs that you can mix and match.

Let s have a look ………. https://chiangmaicotton.com

hand craft

You will fall in love here

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