这件衣服真的超级好看 仙女衣橱必备~ 衣服的质量超级好 面料十分舒适 去清迈的时候给家人也买了好几件~每一件都很惊喜 还会继续光顾 喜欢喜欢?
  • Submitted By: Ruyu
  • Submitted Date: 30 July 2023
Nice cotton clothes
Natural either cotton or linen garments,very nice designs and so comfortable! The owner/manager also a very helpful lady . Price is not expensive compared to similar standard/quality products sold in Thailand .
  • Submitted By: chat
  • Submitted Date: 10 July 2023
เสื้อฝ้ายเนื้อนุ่ม. ปลอดสารพิษ. ตัดเย็บอย่างดี. ปรานีต. แบบใส่ง่ายได้หลายโอกาส
  • Submitted By: Ekajit Pham
  • Submitted Date: 07 November 2017
Love my little cross back cotton top - will be back for more on my next visit to Chiang Mai
  • Submitted By: Claire N Frame
  • Submitted Date: 17 April 2017