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Mae Ya Hand Woven Cotton Bath Towel, Natural White


Material: hand spun Cotton

Dyed: Natural white and indigo

Technique: 4 shaft loom weaving

Size: 37x65 inches

Craftsmen: Aunty Chan Kam 

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Our skilled crafts woman, Aunty Chan Kam, who has a real long experience making a double texture in a 4-shafts loom weaving technique delivered here a truly unique and exquisite cotton towel. She has to do all the processes involved in making these towels by hand: from the 4 pedals beam loom to weaving the very tight and smooth edges, and then sew a tidy hem all by herself creating an all natural and beautiful towel completely safety from chemicals.

This exclusive towel comes in 2 magnificent colors combinations: Natural raw cotton and Indigo dyed. The soft, hand-woven cotton towel features splendid absorbing and will dry rapidly again.

Machine wash and tumble dry allowed.

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Detail Color
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Dyeing Process
Natural Dyed
Hand Spun Cotton
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Hand Woven

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