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Cloud Natural Cotton Blanket


The cotton blankets are complete in their natural beauty. The hand spun cotton has a beautiful texture which gets softer with each wash. Cloud blanket is almost dye free only two lines of natural ebony grey was inserted along the hemp. Warm up your house from the bassinet to the bed to the lounge – you will love these blankets.

Material : Hand spun natural cotton

Dyed : Ebony

Process : Hand woven

Size : 1.35 X 2.00 meters

Artisan : Jan Kham

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The natural and cozy blanket, Cloud, is made of pure natural hand spun cotton to prevent you from getting any skin or other allergies. The blanket was crafted by skill artisan in the north of Thailand from pure natural cotton and added 2 lines of small natural ebony dyed cotton yarn along the hemp.


Our Cloud blanket size 135 X 200 centimeters suit for single bed and also nice for sofa bed.


The cloud Cotton Blanket has a very soft feathery, and fluffy texture, due to the fact the cotton has been hand spun, and helps your body to maintain your body temperature and keeps you warm, soft and very comfortable even on colder evenings.

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Color Tones
Dyeing Process
Natural Dyed
100% Cotton
Weaving Process
Hand Woven

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