Lemongrass Herbal Tea


Lemongrass is digestion aid food it is widely used to alleviate certain respiratory condittions including laryngitis and sore throats. It, therefore recommended for remedy of flu and fever. Lemongrass also contains anti microbial as well as anti cancer properties.


Suggestion : Different tastes require different steep (brew) times.


Ingredients : Green tea and flowers 95%, Lemongrass 5%

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Herbal tea collection

This specially blended collection of thai herbal teas is made for new differentiation.The herbal-green tea based infusion makes a very easy to drink beverage, with a smooth and floral taste along with unique oriental aroma's. The first dimension of flavour is the original Sarana rose based-green tea (loose leaf tea blended with Damask rose and Jasmine)


Oriental medicinal herbs which are packed with supreme health benefits such as ginger, lemongrass or pandan leaf is added to give another dimension of flavour. Finally to complete the sweet and subtle note, the teas are smoked with Thai sweet candlestick, just like it has been done with traditional Thai refreshments or desserts.


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