Natural Dyed Cotton Hemp Yarn

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Botanical colors cotton-hemp yarn dyes from varieties of trees around our village. Our dyeing process is handled with love and care for our nature surroundings. The big coloring tree is still alive and the waste water is always treated before draining.


Material: Cotton-hemp

Yarn Size: 10/2

Quantity: 50 gram each

Color: Natural dyed, indigo, lac, ebony, padauk, tin nok

Note:  The nature of botanical dyed keep changing with time, light and acid-base reaction and the color you see is also depend on your device monitor.

If you need other colors or large amount, please email to us

Size Guide
  • Indigo-Blue
  • Lac-Purple
  • Lac-Pink
  • Lac-Dark pink
  • Padauk-Brown
  • Tin nok-Green
  • Tin nok-Yellow
  • Tin nok+Indigo-Bright green
  • Natural-Cream
  • Ebony-Dark grey
  • Ebony-Light grey

The machine spun cotton-hemp yarn is often used for crocheting. It is good choice for crafting natural handmade things that need some stiffness and strength at reasonable price. We always use that for crocheting our handmade bags, keyring or even hats. The cotton-hemp yarn is stronger than cotton yarn but it is not too stiff to crochet.


We offer 11 botanical colors of cotton-hemp yarn dyes from many kinds of tree around our village, Bann Tan, Chiangmai; indigo - blue, lac - purple, lac - pink, lac - dark pink, padauk - brown, tin nok - green, tin nok - yellow,  tin nok + indigo - bright green, natural - cream, ebony - dark grey, ebony - light grey


All the dyeing process were handled with care of our nature surrounding. By collecting the coloring part from the trees with careful to keep they alive and grow up normally. The most important process that we have never skip to protect our earth is the waste water treatment before drain out to environment.


Please note that:

1.The botanical dyed is craftsmanship depending on season so color we obtained is vary batch by batch. The color of each batch may not exactly the same. Please buy sufficient yarn for your artwork in the one time.


2.We put a lot of effort taking the photograph to present true color of the yarn, But the color you see is also depend on your device monitor.


3.Hope you understand the nature of botanical dyed that keep changing with light and acid-base reaction.


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Dyeing Process
Natural Dyed
Weaving Process
Hand Woven

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